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West Eleventh Townhouse

This picturesque B&B in a charming residence offers spacious suites which are virtual apartments, a luxury in New York. West Eleventh Townhouse is situated in the heart of West Village, an exclusive area far from the bustle of the city; moreover, it is the haunt of artists, painters, actors, and celebrities.

West Eleventh comprises four magnificent apartments, two of which have a view of the garden, and a junior suite. The price varies from $235 for a single bedroom to $350 for a triple. The apartments are equipped with television, telephone, ironing board and iron, a fully furnished kitchen, private bath, and access to the Internet. The elegant El Greco Suite, 3 meters from floor to ceiling, is endowed with a desirable bathroom spa. A warm welcome, privacy, and exclusivity are assured.

A few questions about West Eleventh Townhouse:

Trends: How did you get the idea of turning your home into a B&B?

Hercules D. Kontos: Greenwich Village is part of the history of New York. As owners, we receive friends and families who often want to know more about the area. From this came the idea of turning it into a business venture.

What are the most frequent comments from guests?

They appreciate the quiet calm, cleanliness, security, and privilege of being in an exclusive area. They receive a warm, personal welcome on arrival.

What is your target clientele?

We get couples on wedding trips, foreign visitors and students who want to discover this historic quarter of New York, parents who want to meet with their families, and much-travelled (tired?) businessmen in search of peace and privacy.

Have you been affected by the crisis? Have you had to lower your rates?

Yes indeed. In fact, certain months, such as January and February, were difficult. We had to make reductions and offers we had never done before, and advertise on Google. We are, however, confident of the future, in the recovery, and have already accepted reservations for September and October.

- Trends, French language online magazine

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